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East Region Update (from Andrew Lee)

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

On Saturday, October 16, leaders from various Asian Indian churches came together for a Discernment Conference to discuss the need to call the Lord’s workers for the next generation. The program was sponsored by the Princeton Forum and hosted by New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Presenters included Dr. John Coakley and Dr. Jessica Davis from NBTS, Rev. Dr. Jacob David of St. Paul’s and Resurrection Church, Rev. Dr. Andrew Lee from ISAAC, and Rev. Dr. Anand Veeraraj of the New Jersey Indian Church. The seminar was well received and there are plans to target the next conference for youth and young adults.

At the end of September, The Common Ground Project sponsored “The Next Generation Consultation” at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. This invitation only event gathered approximately fifty church leaders and seminarians from different denominations and ethnic backgrounds for mentorship and networking, collaboration to identify common problems churches face, and small group discussions to confer about sound ministerial practices. ISAAC was represented by Board chair, Dr. Russell Moy, and East Region Director, Dr. Andrew Lee. Andrew will remain engaged in this project for the next year through monthly teleconferencing, email, and scheduled future meetings.

Asian American Biblical Interpretation for North America (Nov. 21st) SBL Annual Meeting (Atlanta, GA)

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

You are cordially invited to attend the following session:

Asian American Biblical Interpretation for North America

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Atlanta, Georgia)

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Room: M106 – Marriott Marquis
ISAAC (The Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity) is introducing its latest journal issue devoted to the theme of Asian American Biblical Interpretation as it relates to the North American context. Several of the writers will be present to discuss their articles in the SANACS (Society of Asian North American Christian Studies) Journal.

For more information, contact:

Russell Moy, ISAAC Board Chair [email Russell]
Andrew Lee, East Regional Director [email Andrew]

National Update (Sept. 16, 2010)

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Sept. 16, 2010

Greetings friends!

I’m happy to share several new developments with ISAAC and SANACS since our last national newsletter. But first, you can save 10% off your purchase of our publications. Go to our revamped and simplified website:, click “Publications,” select publication and click “Buy,” and enter code ‘ AUTUMN ‘ at checkout. The SANACS Journal 2010 is now available! [Click link]

Now for upcoming events and updates.

Read more…

East Region Update from Rev. Dr. Andrew Lee

August 30, 2010 1 comment

Dr. Soong Chan Rah at New York Chinese Alliance Church

Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah gave two talks on his award winning book, The Next Evangelicalism, on July 17.  He spoke in the morning to a racially diverse group that had assembled at New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS).  His lecture was so well received that nearly his entire shipment of books was sold afterwards!

The evening audience at New York Chinese Alliance Church (NYCAC) in New York City  consisted of more church leaders and fewer ministers and professors. Nevertheless, there was a good response to Professor Rah’s challenging ideas.

ISAAC would like to thank NBTS and NYCAC for hosting and co-sponsoring these talks!

2010 interns with Dr. Andrew Lee

The ISAAC Summer Internship program was held over an eight-week period with five interns from churches in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and suburban New Jersey.  As was the case last year, it was a revealing encounter for these interns to experience church life outside their own neighborhoods and to share ideas about ministry with each other. Selected readings from the ISAAC Asian American Reader were discussed as well as studies on “calling.”  Special services on the concept of “call” were held at the participating churches at the end of the program.

Information on the Certificate in Asian American Youth Ministry and the Discernment Conference can be found at this link.

Rev. Andrew Lee, Ph.D [email me]
East Region Director
Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity
Adjunct Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary & New Brunswick Theological Seminary
718 317-7930

East Region announcements: Youth and Discernment events

August 17, 2010 1 comment

Beginning this fall, New Brunswick Theological Seminary is offering a one-year certificate program to train those who work with Asian American youth. All classes will be taught by Asian American instructors who hold a Ph.D. (or equivalent) so that classes can be contextualized for the Asian American church culture. The courses will be taught on Saturday mornings in Flushing, beginning on September 18. For more information, see  East Regional Director, Andrew Lee, will be teaching Old Testament Survey.

Coming in the fall, a Discernment Conference for all who are seeking to hear God’s call for their lives.  This one-day seminar is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 16, at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey.  ISAAC East became a partner in this endeavor through its involvement with the Princeton Forum on Asian Indian Ministries.

Contact Rev. Andrew Lee, East Region Director, Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity and Adjunct Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary & New Brunswick Theological Seminary. [Email Andrew]

East Region: Prof. Soong Chan Rah speaks (July 17, 2010)

Please be our guest at a unique opportunity to hear Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism at North Park Seminary, speak about his award winning book, The Next Evangelicalism. Christianity Today awarded Professor Rah a coveted 2010 Golden Canon Leadership Award.

In his book, he addresses the issues of materialism and individualism and how these and other elements in western culture have negatively impacted the practices, thinking and theology of the evangelical church, including many Asian American churches. His writing has been described as provocative.  He also argues that we need to learn from ethnic and African American churches for a more complete picture of how the church is growing.

Dr. Rah will be speaking twice on Saturday, July 17, once in New Jersey and once in New York City, at the sites of our co-sponsors as indicated below. Read more…

ISAAC Summer Internships in New York/NJ Metro Area

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Calling Chinese American Youth into Ministry

Application due April 1, 2010

Program Summary

There is an overwhelming need for clergy to lead the second generation, English language ministries of immigrant Chinese churches.  Few from this generation go into ministry, many opting instead for high salaried professional careers at the urging of their parents.

In order to help Chinese congregations in the tri-state New York metropolitan area nurture a culture of call, a summer internship program will be offered for college and high school youth who are considering full-time vocational ministry. (Preference will be given to college students.)  Successful applicants will serve in their respective churches and be mentored by a team consisting of a pastoral staff member, a lay leader and the ISAAC staff person who will coordinate the project.

At the end of the internship, there will be a worship service centered on the theme of calling at each participating church.  Congregations will take an initial step toward becoming a calling congregation by committing human and financial resources to this project.

Program Description

  • Summer internships jointly funded by ISAAC and the church.  High school students to serve for six weeks (July 1 to mid-August) in various ministry capacities at their respective churches; college students for eight weeks (mid-June to mid-August).[1]
  • An English Ministry pastoral staff member will oversee the work and mentor the youth for the summer.  A learning covenant between the two will serve as the basis for their working relationship.
  • Lay mentor from the church; learning covenant between the two.
  • ISAAC staff will coordinate the entire project and meet weekly with the interns.  The interns will gather as a cohort to receive guidance, eat, pray, fellowship with and support each other.
  • Hospitality team from the church to host the intern for various meals if possible.
  • End of summer service where the intern and mentoring team will share about calling with the congregation.
  • Written testimony about the summer experience from the intern, to be translated into Chinese for the entire congregation.
  • End of summer banquet/evaluation for all the mentoring teams

ISAAC Project Coordinator: Rev. Andrew Lee, Ph.D.

For more information, email Andrew Lee at this link.

Or call: 718 317-7930


application-for-isaac-summer-internship-program-2010(2) Updated March 4, 2010 – includes recommendation form

[1] The summer stipend for the full 8 weeks will be a minimum of $1,500.  ISAAC will fund $1,000 of this amount.  Each church will contribute at least $500 to support its intern.

ISAAC to co-host reception at IVCF Following Christ 2008 conference (Chicago)

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

ISAAC is delighted to co-host a reception at Following Christ 2008, InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries conference (Chicago, IL) with IVCF’s Asian American Ministries. It will be held on Monday evening at 10:30 PM on Dec. 29th.

Both Executive Director, Tim Tseng, and East Region Director, Andrew Lee, will lead workshops on Tuesday afternoon. Tim’s workshop is entitled “Thriving as an Asian American Christian in the Academy.” Andrew’s is  “Faith and Pedagogy: How to integrate spiritual issues into the classroom curriculum.”

We look forward to the opportunity to share and support IVCF and the many graduate students and faculty that will attend this conference.

For more information about the conference, go to

ISAAC receives “Calling Congregations” Grant from the Fund for Theological Education

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

ISAAC is delighted to announce that our East Region will receive a “Calling Congregations” grant from the Fund for Theological Education. FTE will provide $12,000 over a two year period for “activities and reflection designed to help congregations nurture the principles and practices that support vocational discernment, in general, and the call to ministry, in particular, among youth and young adults.”

Dr. Andrew Lee, Eastern Regional Director for ISAAC and author of the proposal, Calling Chinese American youth into Ministry, says that this program will be “a summer internship program in the New York metropolitan area for Chinese churches. College and High School students who are considering full-time ministry may apply to work as ministry interns in their respective churches.  The interns will receive guidance throughout the summer from mentoring teams.  There will also be directed times for them to meet together to process their experiences and to contemplate their potential call to ministry.  The objective of the funding grant is to aid churches in becoming calling congregations that are able to identify, nurture and raise up leaders for vocational ministry.”

The program will begin in the summer of 2009. ISAAC hopes to expand this program to other regions where Asian American congregations face the challenge of raising up young people to enter the ministry. Please direct questions to Dr. Andrew Lee.

Southeast Asian Leadership Summit – ISAAC’s report

March 20, 2008 Leave a comment

The re:new Southeast Asian Leadership Summit was held last week from March 11-13, in the greater DC area.  Attendees numbering around 130 attended from around the country, enjoying the modern facilities of Open Door Presbyterian Church (a 17-year old, fast-growing bilingual Korean church,  Many of the attendees were young adults with a few older faces sprinkled in the crowd.

This is the second nationwide conference led by the South East Asian Committee (SEAC,; the first was in 2006 in Long Beach, CA.  The seed for this movement germinated at the 2004 Asian American Leadership Conference in Los Angeles.  That event was organized and led mostly by Asian Americans of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ancestry, but included a forum for South East Asian American leaders to gather and catch the vision that became SEAC.  (As it happens, the followup 2008 Asian American Leadership Conference is also taking place this month,

Keynote speakers were Southeast Asian leaders Arounsavath Sacdyphoud (IL), Men Mua (MN) and Ken Kong (CA), and Australian scientist John Ridgway who has worked in Asia for 27 years.

There were also many workshops during the breakout sessions.  ISAAC was represented by Andrew Lee and Russell Yee who led sessions on Reading the Bible as an Asian American and Asian American worship (SEAing Worship) respectively as part of the Re:Source track.  Other seminar tracks were in Leadership Development, Evangelism and Re:Conciliation.

The highlight of the conference occurred on Friday night during the celebration banquet.  One of the leaders from the 1st generation church got up and shared this through a translator.

“We sacrificed so much to come here.  Perhaps that is why we wanted so much to protect you (1.5+ 2nd generation). But now I see we held on too tightly.  Please forgive us. We need to release you, to let you go. We bless you. We want the future to be one of mutual forgiveness, mutual respect, and mutual full support.”

It was an absolutely electrifying moment. There was hardly a dry eye in the house.

This reconciliation may well have been the fruit, in part, of the SEAC leaders including an honoring-of-elders lunch and presentation at the 2006 conference in Long Beach, with each 1st-generation pastor seated in a place of honor and recognized.  But it was also the result of the SEAC leaders having it together in organizing events that are attractive, well-networked, and effective in equipping next generation leaders.

The South East Asian American church is far younger than the East Asian American churches that make up the largest and oldest segments of the Asian American church.  Yet this impressive new generation of leaders–emerging from the backdrop of full wartime catastrophe, immigration hardships, and scattered settlement into American cities–has managed to forge, in just five years or so, a nationwide movement among their churches.  At this pace, they will not only continue learning from both the achievements and mistakes of older Asian American churches and movements, but indeed will have (and indeed, already do have) much to teach others as well.