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ISAAC Nor Cal Update (May 5, 2011)

May 5, 2011

Dear friends of ISAAC Nor Cal!

Happy Easter and Cinco de Mayo! I pray that you are experiencing the joy of the Lord regardless of your circumstances! ISAAC is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, so we are eager to share with you what we’ve been doing since we started. We also want to unveil our hopes and aspirations for the next five years. So keep looking out for future updates. There are several important events and activities in this update. If you cannot participate, please invite your friends! – Tim Tseng

* * *

1. Asian American Christianity: A Four Week Study (Sponsored by The Harvest Group’s Perspectives in World Christianity)
ISAAC is proud to offer this mini-course designed to help participants better understand and minister to Asian Americans!
Dates: Sundays, June 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 4-7pm.
Location: Community Baptist Church, 2215 Curtner Ave., Campbell, CA 95008.
Cost for the course is $88 (cash and checks only, register at the door).
To register on line go to: [updated 5/17/11]

2. INTRODUCING….ISAAC Arts and Lectures?! (Not to be confused with City Arts and Lectures)

ISAAC Nor Cal will offer occasional talks and lectures on a variety of topics in the upcoming year. These talks will stimulate deeper reflection for Christian faith in Asian American contexts, but will not be so academic that only a specialized audience can participate. We call it our ISAAC scholar program!

First up is Dr. Amos Yong: Asian American Evangelical Theology: Its Legacy and Mandate
Thursday, June 16, 2011 • 7:30-9:30 PM
Location: Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church
4405 Fortran Drive, San Jose, CA 95134
To register, go to:

Summary: The task of Asian American evangelical theology remains to be undertaken. This lecture explores the internal logic of North American evangelicalism, which minimizes the impetus toward theological thinking among Asian Americans, and suggests how Asian American evangelicals can remind their evangelical colleagues about the necessity of engaging contextual reflection for the revitalization of the evangelical theological enterprise as a whole. A shortened version of this talk was given at ISAAC’s Asian American Equipping Symposium at Fuller in February 2011. It can be viewed here: (21:59).

About the speaker: Amos Yong is the J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology and Director of Doctor of Philosophy Program at Regent University in Virginia. His research interests are in Global Pentecostalism, Theology of disability, Theology and Science, Political Theology, Inter-faith Dialogue, and in Asian American Theology. His books include Hospitality and the Other: Pentecost, Christian Practices, and the Neighbor (Orbis, 2008), Theology and Down Syndrome: Reimagining Disability in Late Modernity (Baylor, 2007) and The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh: Pentecostalism and the Possibility of Global Theology (Baker, 2005). Prior to academia, Yong was a pastor in various churches in California, Washington and Massachusetts, the son of a pastor and missionary raised in Stockton. He is married to Alma and has three children. For more information about Amos click this link. He will be Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church’s English ministry retreat speaker on June 17-19.

3. Good news! The Doctor of Missiology cohort in the area of Asian North American leadership (through Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Intercultural Studies) has been “green lighted” and is now accepting applicants for Fall 2011. Here is an opportunity to work with ISAAC scholars Young Lee Hertig, Tim Tseng, and others. Go to for more information.

4. Thank you for a great Beyond Tiger Mom event with Helen Lee!
More than 120 participants joined us at Grace Alliance Church (Milipitas) on March 19 to reflect on how parents can help their children develop missional values. Thanks to you, we also collected $455 for Japan Disaster relief via World Vision. To engage this topic further, go to

5. In the works….

(a) Nor Cal Asian American Pastors’ retreat to discuss practical theological issues related to Asian American contexts and to network and have fun!
(b) Forthcoming books: Worship on the Way by Russell Yee (a case for Asian American worship) and Asian American Young Adults Primer (title tentative), edited by Jennifer Ikoma-Motzko and Timothy Tseng (based on Five Cries of Asian American Young Adults and other authors).

* * *

Whew! I’m glad you read this far. To reward you, here is a nice devotional reflection from E. Stanley Jones, mid-twentieth missionary to India and advocate for peace and justice…

Joy is a mark of maturity. The sad, morose type of person is immature. For that unhappiness is being caused, almost entirely, through inner conflicts and wrong attitudes toward life. When we get rid of inner conflicts and wrong attitudes toward life, we will almost automatically burst into joy. For we are made for joy – made for it in the inner structure of our beings. And when we are truly ourselves by being truly His, then we are joyous, constitutionally. Rendell Harris says: “Joy is the strength of the people of God; it is their chief characteristic.” Where there is no joy there is no Christianity, and where there is no Christianity, there is no joy. “So there was much joy in that city,” was said of the Samaritan city, because “Philip…proclaimed to them the Christ.” Christ and joy go together. Where He is, there is joy, and where He is not, there is sadness. “And he went away sadly” – everybody goes away from Christ sadly. For when you go away from Christ you go away from joy. He is joy – a fountain of joy. The Christian way is piety set to music. It is fun!

O Jesus, to know Thee is to know joy. And it is joy that is not spasmodic, but continuous. For as long as Thou art within, joy is within, and any little thing sets if off. I am joyous in the thought of Thy joy. Amen.

— E. Stanley Jones, Christian Maturity (Abingdon, 1957)

East Region Update (from Andrew Lee)

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On Saturday, October 16, leaders from various Asian Indian churches came together for a Discernment Conference to discuss the need to call the Lord’s workers for the next generation. The program was sponsored by the Princeton Forum and hosted by New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Presenters included Dr. John Coakley and Dr. Jessica Davis from NBTS, Rev. Dr. Jacob David of St. Paul’s and Resurrection Church, Rev. Dr. Andrew Lee from ISAAC, and Rev. Dr. Anand Veeraraj of the New Jersey Indian Church. The seminar was well received and there are plans to target the next conference for youth and young adults.

At the end of September, The Common Ground Project sponsored “The Next Generation Consultation” at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. This invitation only event gathered approximately fifty church leaders and seminarians from different denominations and ethnic backgrounds for mentorship and networking, collaboration to identify common problems churches face, and small group discussions to confer about sound ministerial practices. ISAAC was represented by Board chair, Dr. Russell Moy, and East Region Director, Dr. Andrew Lee. Andrew will remain engaged in this project for the next year through monthly teleconferencing, email, and scheduled future meetings.

Southern California update (from Young Lee Hertig)

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“God’s love transforms confusion into understanding, anger into harmony, and obstacles into order.”

Oct. 28, 2010


The year 2010 has gone by so fast!  Here are some upcoming events, as well as recent updates:

Upcoming Events

Asian American Women on Leadership (AAWOL) Book Events (Mirrored Reflections):
Nov. 15, 2010: Azusa Pacific University (East Campus, LAPC), 4:30 pm; presented by
Debbie Gin & Beverly Chen
Nov. 19, 2010: Intervarsity Fellowship (1095 Butte St, Claremont, CA), 8:30 pm;
featuring Beverly Chen & Joy Wong
Dec. 5, 2010:   Evergreen Baptist Church LA (Rosemead, CA), Time TBD; organized
by Melanie Mar Chow

Feb. 7-8, 2011: The second Asian American Equipping Symposium (AAES) entitled, “Living Out The Gospel: Asian American History — The Lost Coin” will take place at Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA). Speakers will include Douglas McConnell, David Yoo, Timothy Tseng, Charlene Jin Lee, Amos Yong, Grace Yia-Hei Kao, Eugene Cho, AAWOL authors, and Fuller faculty.

Updates Read more…

National Update (Sept. 16, 2010)

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Sept. 16, 2010

Greetings friends!

I’m happy to share several new developments with ISAAC and SANACS since our last national newsletter. But first, you can save 10% off your purchase of our publications. Go to our revamped and simplified website:, click “Publications,” select publication and click “Buy,” and enter code ‘ AUTUMN ‘ at checkout. The SANACS Journal 2010 is now available! [Click link]

Now for upcoming events and updates.

Read more…

ISAAC Update – Nov. 13, 2008

November 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

For this month’s electronic newsletter, here are few updates:

The Bay Area Chinese Initiative

1. BAP Conference (Nov. 8, 2008):

Thanks to everyone who attended the first of our three Bay Area Chinese congregational research project conference last Saturday. The half-day conference was held at the Presbyterian Church in Chinatown (San Francisco), the very first Chinese congregation in North America! we are grateful for Rev. David Pan, the Chinese pastor, and Rev. David Mote is the English Ministry Interim pastor, and Jeanne Quock for their hospitality! I was personally delighted to visit this historic church. Its recently renovated worship hall is beautiful!

Dr. Chuck shared an update of the Growth of Chinese churches in the Bay Area since 1996 and I shared about ISAAC’s Equipping and Resource Center for lay and pastoral leaders. We hope to offer seminars, workshops, and classes on subjects as diverse as the history of Asian American Christianity, spiritual formation of leaders in Asian American ministries, teaching Sunday School, and college admissions and vocational counseling. We are also planning an Asian American immersion camp this summer to give youth an opportunity to learn about this history and contemporary situation of Asian Americans in the Bay Area.

2. Upcoming BAP Conferences (Nov. 15 and 22)

There is still time to attend the half-day conferences this Saturday and next Saturday. In addition to sharing about the recent growth of the nearly 200 Chinese churches in the Bay Area, we will also celebrate the publication of the Bay Area Chinese Churches research project report. Information about the report can be found on the ISAAC Blog. We are grateful for Rev. Steve Quen of the Bay Area Bible Church and Dr. Sam Tsang of Overseas Theological Seminary for their support of ISAAC’s work! Here are the locations for the upcoming conferences:
-> Nov. 15: South Bay (Overseas Theological Seminary in San Jose, 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM)
-> Nov. 22: East Bay (Bay Area Chinese Bible Church – Alameda Campus, 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM)
[Go to Bay Area Chinese Churches Project blog for more information. | Register online here]

Other Projects

In partnership with the Pacific Asian American and Canadian Christian Education (PAACCE), we will publish an Asian American Christianity Reader by the end of November. The reader is a collection of historical, sociological, theological, and personal essays that offer insightful into Asian American Christianity. It will be a useful teaching aid for educators and church leaders. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to review the reader. Preview copies will be emailed to reviewers before Thanksgiving.

The Society of Asian North American Christian Studies (SANACS) will be publishing its inaugural journal this December. We are now making a final call for 2008 membership. Members will receive the 2008 annual journal for free. Click here to learn more about SANACS.

Dr. Russell Moy, ISAAC board member in charge of seminary relations, is serving on the Association of Theological Schools’ planning committee for the upcoming Enhancing Diversity in Theological Education conference at the end of March. He will also complete a report of the Asian and Asian North American Faculty consultation held last December.

We are also planning to develop an lectureship series on Religion in Asian America in which leading scholars of Asian American religions will be invited to speak at partnering universities, colleges, and seminaries around the country. Stayed tuned for more details!

Funding Situation

We are truly grateful for our supporters over the past two years! Regarding of amount of support, they have enabled us to develop resources and programs. And the best is yet to come! So please complete your commitment or pledge for 2008 if you have not yet done so. To make a donation, go to

Some supporters have already made pledges or commitments for 2009 – thank you! You help us plan ahead and give us assurance that we’ll have enough to continue our work. If anyone else would like to make a pledge or commitment for next year, please email or call me and I’ll fill you in on the details.

As you know, we are a “start up” organization and work on a shoe string budget. We can only afford part-time staff (including myself) and volunteers. But with your help, I believe ISAAC can enter 2009 with confidence that our programs will have the greatest impact on educators, scholars, and church leaders. So please consider making a gift this year and pledge or commitment for 2009!


Timothy Tseng [email me]
President & Executive Director
Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (
Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco

ISAAC Update (Oct. 14, 2008)

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Greetings friends!

Although the U.S. presidential elections and economic downturn dominate the headlines these days, I’m happy to report that ISAAC is making steady progress in equipping university and theological educators and church leaders. We have been so focused on developing our resources that we have not done an adequate job of fund-raising for the future. So I hope that you will consider making a generous gift and a pledge for 2009 in the next few weeks.

Anyway, here is what we are up to:

1. Resource Development

In partnership with the Pacific Asian American and Canadian Christian Education (PAACCE), we will publish an Asian American Christianity Reader by the end of November. The reader is a collection of historical, sociological, theological, and personal essays that offer insight into Asian American Christianity. It will be a useful teaching aid for educators and church leaders. We are currently seeking reviewers from colleges, seminaries, and churches to offer feedback. Please contact me if you are interested in previewing the reader.

The Society of Asian North American Christian Studies (SANACS) will be publishing its inaugural journal this December. We are now making a final call for 2008 membership. Members will receive the 2008 annual journal for free. Click here to learn more about SANACS.

2. The Bay Area Chinese Initiative

Inspired by Dr. James Chuck, our Bay Area Chinese initiative is gradually taking shape. We hope to expand its scope beyond the Bay Area and the Chinese Christian community in the near future.

First, the Bay Area Chinese Churches research project report will be available in November. Information about the report can be found on the ISAAC Blog. You are also welcome to come to one or all three of the following half-day conferences to celebrate its publication!
-> Nov. 8: Peninsula and San Francisco (Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM)
-> Nov. 15: South Bay (Overseas Theological Seminary in San Jose, 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM)
-> Nov. 22: East Bay (Bay Area Chinese Bible Church – Alameda Campus, 9:15 AM – 12:30 PM)
[Go to Bay Area Chinese Churches Project blog for more information. | Register online here]

Second, ISAAC has partnered with The Leadership Connection (TLC) to support pastors who serve bi-generational Chinese congregations. TLC utilizes Executive Coaching models to help pastors problem solve, support and hold each other accountable to strengthening their leadership capacity. In August, we co-sponsored a retreat for pastors of English Ministries which has led to the formation of three peer-to-peer small groups. Though these groups have just started, the response has been quite enthusiastic. We are also partnering with TLC to provide peer-to-peer groups with Asian American Christian business leaders!

Third, ISAAC is partnering with local pastors and churches in developing an Equipping and Resource Center for church leaders. This Spring we hope to offer seminars, workshops, and classes in subjects as diverse as teaching Sunday School, the history of Asian American Christianity, spiritual formation of leaders in Asian American ministries, and college admissions counseling from an Asian American Christian perspective.

These activities, and several others on the horizon, are what makes me excited about ISAAC. Asian American Christians don’t have to be the side dish of education and ministry in North America. With your help, Asian American Christians can also be an entree that further enriches the multi-cultural banquet of our society and the world!

Timothy Tseng

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ISAAC Newsletter (Oct. 10, 2007)

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[corrected 10/11/07]

Over the past few weeks, I spent many hours talking to younger Asian American seminarians, pastors and ministry leaders, and aspirants for doctoral studies. I seem compelled to be a sounding board for “younger” leaders, and I’m not sure why. As a seminary professor, my favorite duty was to listen to and advise students. I enjoyed guiding doctoral students through their academic programs. Conducting research, teaching, networking, and developing programs were also satisfying, but “mentoring” was most energizing. In fact, one of my seminary students – who is currently a Ph.D. candidate in history at Drew University – said this about me:

Dr. Tseng’s dual passion for academic ministry and local church ministry has made a lasting impression on my heart. My own love for the study of history was nurtured in large part due to Dr. Tseng’s mentoring. He has taught me that academic ministry and local church ministry are mutually-empowering enterprises, and that both must work together for the Kingdom of God.

Apparently, my greatest contribution to the common good is to cultivate individuals and small groups of “influencers” for the Reign of God. I believe ISAAC also approaches our work in this manner. We’re not big on rallying crowds and giving motivational talks. But we are really good at engaging individuals and smaller groups more deeply and patiently with our resources and experience. In other words, we cause rashes that make people itch for Asian American Christianity! (see blog)

As you look at our upcoming activities, I encourage you to give generously to support our labor of love for Asian Americans. $5,000 will fully subsidize a training weekend or pay for half of the cost of publishing a resource tool. $500 will pay for a half-day seminar. Regardless of how much you can give, your support will help us make a real difference. Download a pledge form or make a tax-deductible on-line gift today at


Tim Tseng

ISAAC ACTIVITIES (check the ISAAC website for many more updates)

Oct. 11. Tim Tseng attends the Pacific Asian American and Canadian Christian Education (PAACCE) ministry board meeting at McCormick Seminary in Chicago. ISAAC is co-publishing the Asian American Christian Perspectives Reader with PAACCE. | Read More

Oct. 12-14. Tim Tseng speaks at the Atlanta Chinese Christian Church’s missions conference.

Oct. 19-20. Andrew Lee speaks at the Asian American Baptist gathering sponsored by Asian Ministries and American Baptist Churches of New Jersey.

Oct. 21. Tim Tseng speaks at Hope Evangelical Free Church (San Francisco, CA).

Oct. 26. ISAAC’s women’s leadership program, will host a Writers’ Feedback Gathering at Fuller Seminary. Participants will discuss AAWOL’s soon to be published resource, “The Yin and Yang of Leadership: Biblical Characters According to Asian American Women” | Read More

Oct. 27 (9:30 AM -3:30 PM) at Sunset Church. Bay Area Chinese Church consultation for churches in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties. We will donate $20 to churches that complete and return the 8-page questionnaire (in Chinese or English) by December 1.| Read More

Nov. 17 (9-11 PM) ISAAC co-hosts a reception with the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity (Calvin College) at the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. We plan to launch the Society of Asian North American Christian Studies (SANACS), which will be led by Dr. Russell Yee – check our blogs for updates. | Read More

Dec. 3. Haggard School of Theology (Azusa Pacific University). Tim Tseng will lead workshops on Asian American Christianity and how to include Asian American Christian perspectives in curriculum and instruction.

Dec. 7-9. Dallas, Texas. Russell Moy and Tim Tseng will help facilitate the Association of Theological Schools’ Asian and Asian North American Theological Educators Consultation. A report on building seminary cultural capacity to teach and equip Asian and Asian North American seminarians will be produced by this consultation.

Jan. 3-6. Washington, D.C. Tim Tseng will attend the American Historical Association and American Society of Church History (ASCH) Annual Meeting. He is a member of the Council of the ASCH.

Jan. 12 (9:30 AM – 3:30 PM) at Bay Area Chinese Bible Church’s Alameda Campus. Bay Area Chinese Church consultation for churches in the East Bay.

Mar. 13-15 (Washington DC). Southeast Asian Leadership Summit. ISAAC may provide training for the Southeast Asian Leadership Committee. But we need to raise $7,000 to provide scholarships for participants and to cover the training cost.

Mar. 24-26 (Los Angeles, CA). Asian American Leadership Conference. Tim Tseng and Ben Shin will co-lead a focus group on academic vocation as ministry. | Read More

Mar. 28-29 (Philadelphia, PA). Tim Tseng to participate in a panel for “The Scandal of Evangelical Politics: Toward a Biblical Agenda” conference sponsored by the Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy/Evangelicals for Social Action.

Apr. 26 (9:30 AM – 3:30 PM) at South Bay location. Bay Area Chinese Church consultation for churches in the South Bay.

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ISAAC e*newsletter (Nov 16, 2006)

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November 16, 2006

Dear friend,

As Thanksgiving draws near, we at ISAAC are grateful for your encouragement and… (more)

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