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An Overview of Bible and Theology for Lay People (ISAAC NorCal – CONFAB workshops)

Join Dr. James Chuck for

An Overview of Bible and Theology for Lay People

  • An experiment in Adult Education scheduled for the fall of 2010.
  • A Powerpoint assisted interactive experience.


  • To bring lay people together from various churches to focus on the biblical and theological basis for the life and mission of the church; and
  • To provide an opportunity for learning from one another;  and
  • To provide a setting for informal conversation, fellowship, and networking.

Three Saturday mornings 9:30-1:00, lunch included.

  • October   2    An Overview of the Old Testament:  How to read Genesis 1- 11; constructing an Old Testament timeline with Abraham, Moves, David, and Ezra as pivotal figures; the prophetic movement; the psalms and wisdom literature; the formation of the Old Testament canon; and the relevance of the Old Testament to Christian life and mission.
  • October 16    An Overview of the New Testament.  The N. T. world; the four Gospels; the growth of the early church; the Pauline Epistles; Hebrews and the General Letters; the Revelation of John; the development of the N.T. canon; the N. T. in Christian life and mission.
  • October 30    An Overview of Christian Theology: The nature of the theological enterprise; the meaning of revelation; the Triune God; God and the presence of evil; humanity as creature, sinner, and new being in Christ; the person and work of Jesus Christ; the life and mission of the church; Christian faith in the context of world religions; and the Christian hope.

Location:  Berkeley Chinese Community Church, Berkeley

  • 2117 Acton Street, Berkeley, California     510-548-5259  Dr. Karl Fung, Pastor
  • Ample parking available in the church parking lot.


  • Confab, The National Conference of Chinese Christian Churches:  Carole Jan Lee, President
  • ISAAC, The Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity:  Timothy Tseng, Ph.D., Executive Director.

Participating Churches: San Francisco:  Chinese Congregational Church, Chinese Independent Baptist Church, First Chinese Baptist Church, San Francisco Evangelical Free Church, True Sunshine Episcopal Church, Chinese Methodist Church.  Oakland: Chinese Community Methodist Church, Chinese Presbyterian Church.  Berkeley: Berkeley Chinese Community Church (as of 8-15-10).

The three sessions are planned as a unit. Participation in all three sessions is strongly encouraged.  For those unable to attend all three sessions, please indicate which session(s) you will be present for so we can get an accurate lunch count.

Register with your pastor or designated local church registrar. Cost per person for all three sessions is 15.00 (the event is subsidized by grants from CONFAB and CPAT, the Council for Pacific and Asian Theology).

Presenter/Facilitator: Dr. James Chuck, Th.D., Pastor Emeritus, First Chinese Baptist Church, S.F.(1951-1991); Professor Emeritus, American Baptist Seminary of the West (1991-2007); Volunteer Consultant, ISAAC (2007 – ).

For more information, email James Chuck.

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