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Chinese Worldview Today: June 4-20, 2010

Throughout history, China has continually challenged the West with her peculiar practices and unique worldview. Though many North Americans are fascinated by the exotic Chinese, cultural norms like guanxi and filial piety confound those who come near.

In this past century, China has experienced unprecedented growth and reform economically, politically and socially, emerging from her sleeping dragon state to join the global community. It is an exciting time for East-West exchanges of ideas, values and resources. It is our hope that authentic communication will inspire dialogue concerning deeper issues of life, the nature of humanity and other worldview questions. However, these conversations cannot occur without a proper understanding of the Chinese worldview.

To this end, China Academic Consortium (an affiliate organization of Educational Resources & Referrals – China) is partnering with ISAAC and China’s prestigious academic institutions to craft a summer program aimed towards introducing Chinese thought to North American undergraduate students and seminarians. The course will be taught in China and its curriculum content will survey the core teachings, history and development of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, folk religions and Christianity in China. Primary sources as well as survey texts will be used, and those taking the course on the graduate level will have an opportunity to develop critical questions and approaches for further study into Chinese thought.

It is possible to take the Chinese worldview seminar for credit. Denver Seminary has granted 3 units to this course for their M. Div. program. Azusa Pacific University grants credit for both undergraduate and graduate programs.


DR. DIANE OBENCHAIN – Religion, Calvin College
She was the first western scholar to teach the academic
study of religion in China, post 1949. Dr. Obenchain
has taught at National University of Singapore, Peking
University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University,
helping to establish departments of religious studies.

REV. DR. RUSSELL G. MOY – Chairman of the Board for
the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity
(ISAAC). He has also served as lecturer and faculty for
Theological Seminary, GTU, Drew University as well as
Dean of the Asian American Summer Institute for Theology
and Ministry in ISAAC.

For more information, see http://cac.errchina.com/seminar.htm

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