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Lenten Devotional: Mar. 4

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Today’s texts: Genesis 42:29-38; 1 Corinthians 6:12-30; Mark 4:21-34

Despair of losing your son (Genesis 42:29-38)

Her seemingly lifeless body was draped over the rail of the hospital bed as she balanced her head on her arm to keep an eye focused towards her dying son. Silent prayers filled the room to bring a miraculous cure to the insidious cancer that ate away at her son’s brain and vibrant personality. Her prayer for physical healing would not come. There is nothing deeper than a lament of a parent facing the death of their child.

As we journey into Lent and look to the cross, we can know that we have a Heavenly Father that is no stranger to grief and has Himself walked through darkness unimaginable. Lent is a time to anticipate loss, yet we remain hopeful because we know there are still better things to come through Christ.

Jacob’s desperation and grief were real: “You have deprived me of my children… Everything is against me!” (NIV Gen 42:36).  Yet, Jacob still had no idea that even through (perceived) loss, the Lord had something even better in store on the other side. Whether we are experiencing panicking desperation or consuming grief, our Father relates to us and we must wait for what will be revealed, the better things to come.

By the way, the woman in the story is my mother, and her son, is my brother. Both are in the arms of Jesus now. God’s masterful work has been revealed in their lives and deaths. We await the resurrection! Maranatha!

Tommy Dyo familyTommy Dyo is the National Director of the Epic Movement (Campus Crusade for Christ’s Asian American ministry).  He has been in full time ministry since 1988 specializing in reaching Asian American college students.

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