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Lenten Devotional: Feb. 28

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Today’s texts: Genesis 41:14-45; Romans 6:3-14; John 5:19-24

Romans 6:3-14

Believing in Jesus means that we have been baptized into his death but it doesn’t just sit there. Because Christ has resurrected we too have been resurrected, and it’s not just a simple no power kind of resurrection it’s a resurrection to new life!

What is new life? For many Southeast Asians, we know what it means to have a new life. Many of us had to leave our country because of the war that took place between 1975-1980. We’ve seen and experience the stenches of death. We’ve seen the destruction of what death looks like.

My mother has had to say good bye to two of her sons. Both died in her arms. Death was very real to her.  Death was something she has had to carry and say good bye to.

Having come to America one can say that it’s sort of like a new life. Leaving behind the death and pain and moving into an environment where the opportunities are endless- where the fear of being taken out and forced to work till your hands can no longer move is far away.

This new life, America, isn’t just a place for us to marvel in. It’s a place for us to begin to start working. It’s a place for us to rebuild our lives. Using what we have to serve and love our family and our communities.

The bible is clear. We no longer use our bodies for sinful practices but we use it as instruments of righteousness. We use what we have to glorify Him!

During this season of reflection let us not dwell on our past, but think about our future. Let us reflect upon the power of Christ for our resurrection.

Ken Kong is on staff with The Navigators serving Director of Southeast Asian Ministries. He is also the national director for The Southeast Asian Committee www.seacleaders.com.

You can meet him at the upcoming Southeast Asian Leadership Summit (Mar. 11-13, 2010) in San Jose! Just follow the above link.

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