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ISAAC Year in Review, Part 3: Our supporters

February 3, 2010

We are grateful to those who supported us in 2009!
– Tim Tseng

Individual Donations

$1000 and higher

Dong, Steven
Gin, Deborah & Michael
Ho, Aline and Eddie
Kwong, Andrew
Lee, Andrew & Penny
Lee, Andrew Hong
Lee, Don & Louise
Lee, Peter & Mary
Lee, Thomas
Leung, Thomas & Choi Ying
Li, Elizabeth Yingjie
Mui, Jack & Susan
Pang, Wing Ning
Tseng, Tim & Betty
Wong, Lydia & Calvin
Yiu, Wai Chun and Emily
Yuen-Li, Kenny and Sanly

Up to $999

Branner, John
Branson Family, Fund
Buchannan, Mark F.
Cao, Xuelong
Chan, Yew Eugene
Chan, Wes & Sheryl
Chang, Mi
Chen, Christopher
Chen, Nancy & George
Chen, Beverly
Chen, Pauline
Chow, Candace & Clement
Choy, Tony & Brenda
Chuang, DJ
Chuck, James
Chuck, John
Eng, Allison
Fau, Patrick & Sheu
Fong, Helen
Gee, Donald
Hertig, Young Lee & Paul
Hom, Franklin & Marian
Hong, Helen
Hsiao, Augie Bau & Katharine
Huang, Linda Ling-Hua & Wen-Wei Tchou
Huang, Peter
Huang, Chi-Chang
Jang, Joel & Linda
Kim, David
Kim, Ellen
Lai, George & Joanna
Lam, Paul
Lee, Kam
Lee, Ben & Susan
Lee, Warren & Magdalene
Lee, Wing & Betty
Lee, L.K. & Alice
Lee, Howard & Anna
Leong, Jan Yin Lee
Lessler, Becky & Steve
Leung, Jessie
Leung, Yuk Hing Lai
Liew, Kimberly
Lin, Chris
Mew, Arnold
Moy, Russell & Victoria
Mui, Janet
Nakka-Cammauf, Viji & Scott
Ottoson, Robin Deich & Gary
Pang, Paley & Laura
Poon, Curtis & Kathy
Sang, Michael
Sano, Roy
Steers, Tom
Tom, Elaine & Walter
Tsao, Janice
Tseng, Paul F.
Tsuchiya, Herb
Ue, Kathleen
Wan, Sze “Charles”
Won, Shana
Wong, Jane & Harland
Wong, Lea & Nelson
Wu, Jonathan
Yang, Rev. In
Yau, Cecilia
Yee, Gary & Caroline
Yee, Russell & Lisa
Yeung, Kenneth & Christina
Yu, James
Yuen, Alan & Mellicent

Organizational Partners

ABC-USA National Ministries – Asian Ministries
Calvary Baptist Church (Clifton, NJ)
Catalyst, Inc
Chinese for Christ Church of Hayward
Epic (Campus Crusade for Christ)
Evergreen Baptist Church, LA
First Chinese Baptist, San Francisco
Fuller Theological Seminary
Fund for Theological Education
Japanese Evangelical Missions/AACF
Logos Evangelical Seminary
National Council of Korean Presbyterians
Presbyterian Church Chinatown
Tto Kamsa Mission Church
Young Nak Outreach & Transform Foundation

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