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ISAAC Summer Internships in New York/NJ Metro Area

Calling Chinese American Youth into Ministry

Application due April 1, 2010

Program Summary

There is an overwhelming need for clergy to lead the second generation, English language ministries of immigrant Chinese churches.  Few from this generation go into ministry, many opting instead for high salaried professional careers at the urging of their parents.

In order to help Chinese congregations in the tri-state New York metropolitan area nurture a culture of call, a summer internship program will be offered for college and high school youth who are considering full-time vocational ministry. (Preference will be given to college students.)  Successful applicants will serve in their respective churches and be mentored by a team consisting of a pastoral staff member, a lay leader and the ISAAC staff person who will coordinate the project.

At the end of the internship, there will be a worship service centered on the theme of calling at each participating church.  Congregations will take an initial step toward becoming a calling congregation by committing human and financial resources to this project.

Program Description

  • Summer internships jointly funded by ISAAC and the church.  High school students to serve for six weeks (July 1 to mid-August) in various ministry capacities at their respective churches; college students for eight weeks (mid-June to mid-August).[1]
  • An English Ministry pastoral staff member will oversee the work and mentor the youth for the summer.  A learning covenant between the two will serve as the basis for their working relationship.
  • Lay mentor from the church; learning covenant between the two.
  • ISAAC staff will coordinate the entire project and meet weekly with the interns.  The interns will gather as a cohort to receive guidance, eat, pray, fellowship with and support each other.
  • Hospitality team from the church to host the intern for various meals if possible.
  • End of summer service where the intern and mentoring team will share about calling with the congregation.
  • Written testimony about the summer experience from the intern, to be translated into Chinese for the entire congregation.
  • End of summer banquet/evaluation for all the mentoring teams

ISAAC Project Coordinator: Rev. Andrew Lee, Ph.D.

For more information, email Andrew Lee at this link.

Or call: 718 317-7930


application-for-isaac-summer-internship-program-2010(2) Updated March 4, 2010 – includes recommendation form

[1] The summer stipend for the full 8 weeks will be a minimum of $1,500.  ISAAC will fund $1,000 of this amount.  Each church will contribute at least $500 to support its intern.

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