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ISAAC Year in Review, Part 2: People to thank

Without the incredible good will and enthusiasm of our staff and volunteers, 2009 would not have been as exciting for us. We are grateful for the following staff, volunteers, and organizations for their support! – Tim Tseng

I. Staff and Volunteer Activities

Timothy Tseng, Executive Director

  • Adjunct teaching at Logos Evangelical Seminary and University of San Francisco.
  • Occasional preaching in Asian American churches in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Facilitated “The Leadership Connection” pastors of San Jose Asian American congregations group.
  • Served as “Church Whisperer” consultant at three SF Bay Area churches.
  • Served as mentor for Asian American young adults who are interested in pastoral or academic vocations.
  • Participant in the Asian North American Consultation of Theology and Ministry co-sponsored by Catalyst and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (May 17-20)
  • Spoke and/or led workshops at InterVarsity’s Following Jesus conference (Dec. 29-31, 2008), Evangelical Formosan Church North America Bridging conference (Feb. 19-21), Karin Workshop – Asian American Baptist Convocation (June 26), Asian Pacific American Religions Research Initiative (Aug. 6-8), Asian American Equipping Symposium at Fuller Seminary (Nov. 3), American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting (Nov. 7-10)

Young Lee Hertig, Southern California Director

  • Organized the Asian American Equipping Symposium at Fuller Seminary
  • Adjunct teaching at Logos Evangelical Seminary
  • Volunteer work with the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the US.

Andrew Lee, East Region Director

  • Adjunct teaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and New Brunswick Theological Seminary.
  • Regular consultant for a Chinese church in New York.
  • Extensive Sunday preaching, primarily in Chinese churches.
  • Retreat speaker for churches in New Jersey, New York, Toronto and Boston
  • Advised pastors and church leaders.
  • Participant in the Asian North American Consultation of Theology and Ministry co-sponsored by Catalyst and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (May 17-20)
  • Attended the North America-Chinese Coordination Centre for World Evangelism meeting (Nov 30-Dec 4)
  • Led training workshops for churches.
  • Contributed an article to The Lamp Post (InterVarsity newsletter for faculty)

James Chuck, Bay Area Senior Consultant

  • Convened the first session of the ISAAC Research Seminar on September 24th.
  • Completed editing Volume III of Chinatown Stories of Life and Faith. 60 persons connected with the First Chinese Baptist Church in San Francisco talk about parents, growing up, schooling, work, marriage and family, and faith and values.
  • Made several public presentations on the 2008 Report of the Bay Area Chinese Churches Research Project.
  • Preaching in various Bay Area churches.
  • Began a small study of issues for pastoral leaders during their first two year in a new ministry setting.

Johnson Chiu, Equipping and Resource Center director

  • Published the ISAAC Advent Devotional and 40 Days of Prayer
  • Organized ER events and pastors’ retreat

Daniel Chou is the Art Director of INHERITANCE magazine, a publication for Asian American Christians. He also works in public relations. Daniel is a recent graduate of University of Southern California and is the principle layout designer for ISAAC’s publications.

Cyrus Lee is a recent graduate at UC Davis in sociology/ethnic studies and has hopes of going to grad school. He partly credits ethnic studies in transforming his relationship with his parents & how he understands the interwoven dance of faith and culture. His current research interest is 2nd gen. Asian American Evangelicals. He loves a good conversation over a bowl of pho. He has helped archive ISAAC historical material, set up a small young adult gathering in the Bay Area and one day hope to get around to blogging for ISAAC.

Steve Hu is a pastoral intern at Rutgers Community Christian Church in Somerset, New Jersey where he coaches and develops leadership teams for effective ministry. In 2007, he received his dual Master’s of Arts in Old Testament and Missional Theology from Biblical Seminary (Hatfield, Pennsylvania) where he is also an adjunct instructor. Steve previously has worked as a technical writer and a newspaper reporter in central New Jersey. His research interests include Asian American theology, postcolonial studies, identity, race and ethnicity.

Jooho Lee is an MDiv student in his last year at Princeton Theological Seminary. Jooho began working with Young Lee Hertig this summer as an intern, bringing his business background in assisting ISAAC-SoCal with various projects and initiatives, including preparations for the Asian American Equipping Symposium at Fuller. He continues to assist Young in communications as a volunteer Communications Analyst for ISAAC – SoCal. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in history and political science, and he will be returning to Union Theological Seminary in New York to finish his MA in theology next year.

The following volunteers will have much to share soon…

Marie McCulley (Northern California), Danny Yang (Atlanta), Jonathan Wu (Los Angeles), Melanie Mar Chow (Los Angeles), Hannah Lee (Los Angeles), and Randy Choi (Los Angeles).

II. People and organizations to thank [incomplete list to be updated]

  • AAWOL: Deborah Gin, Beverly Chen, Melanie Mar Chow, Chloe Sun
  • ERRC: Martha Chan
  • Evergreen Baptist Church: Ken Fong, Jonathan Wu
  • Evangelical Formosan Church: James Yu, Sean Lin
  • Inheritance Magazine: William Tseng, Daniel Chou
  • Logos Evangelical Seminary: Ekron Chen, Jeffrey Lu, Amanda Luu, Chloe Sun
  • SANACS: Jonathan Tan, Rebecca Y. Kim, Russell Jeung
  • Lecturers: Jonathan Tran, Fenggang Yang, Benjamin Pimentel, Catherine Choy, Rev. Lloyd Wake, Dr. Russell Jeung, Fr. Dennis Recio, S.J., and Nhuanh Ly
  • University of San Francisco: Kevin Chun, Jay Gonzalez, Barbara Bundy, Lois Lorentzen
  • U.C. Berkeley Religion, Globalization, and Politics Program: Sara Bamberger, Jonathan Chan, Jessica Owen
  • Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity: Joel Carpenter
  • Campus Crusade for Christ Epic Ministry: Tommy Dyo, Steve Hong
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Anna Lee-Winans
  • Southeast Asian Leadership Committee: Ken Kong
  • Others to be added soon…
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