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Transitioning INTO Ministry workshop – Alameda, CA (May 30th)

Are you considering serving the Lord in ministry?

What does it take? What considerations are essential? Come to the ER Center’s next workshop on “Transitioning INTO Ministry” and learn from seasoned veterans in church and parachurch such as Louis Lee, Stephen Quen, and Ken Carlson. Learn from their journeys and better equip your church to send others into Christian ministry.

Who is this workshop for? It is for people considering ministry. It is for church leaders who want to help their churches be more effective in sending and receiving future ministers. It is for those considering seminary and those who may consider ministry as a future call. It is also for seminarians who would like to be learn from experienced pastors in Chinese and Asian American settings. In sum, it is for anyone concerned about the kingdom of God and its work through servants.

Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009
Time: 9:00 am – 2 pm (lunch provided)
Location: Bay Area Chinese Bible Church, Alameda Campus, 1801 North Loop Rd., Alameda, CA  94502
Cost: $30 per person ($24/member church)

How to register: Because of the very specific purpose of this workshop, we request that you register by sending an email to Johnson Chiu (email Johnson). Include in the email:

1. The name, email or phone number of a pastor or leader who can recommend you.

2. A very brief paragraph introducing yourself. Also discuss why you believe you may be called to ministry in Chinese and Asian American settings.

* * * * *

Tentative  Schedule

9:00 am        Welcome (Johnson Chiu)
9:15 am        Introduction of the topic (Tim Tseng)
9:30 am        Speaker #1 (Ken Carlson)
10:15 am      Group discussion
10:45 am      Speaker #2 (Louis Lee)
11:30 am      Group discussion
12:00 pm     Lunch Break
12:30 pm     Speaker #3  (Steve Quen)
1:15 pm      Group discussion
1:45 pm      Panel Q & A
2:00 pm     Close/Announcements