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2007 – highlights of an exciting inaugural year!

December 20, 2007 1 comment

What an exciting year for ISAAC!

2007 was a year for testing ideas and learning how ISAAC can best strengthen the work of individuals and organizations that serve Asian American Christians. We are grateful for all who have given time and resources to ISAAC!

Here are highlights of ten activities from 2007:

1. Appointment of Eastern and Southern California Regional Directors, Andrew Lee and Young Lee Hertig. We are going national!

2. Asian American Christianity Reader (co-sponsored by PAACCE). We are creating a resource for Asian American Christianity courses. Click here for more information. We anticipate publication by early 2008. PAACCE has also contracted ISAAC resource team members Young Lee Hertig and Russell Yee to write resources on Asian American Christian women’s legacy and Asian American worship.

3. Asian American Program Directors Summit at Fuller Seminary, Feb. 17th (co-sponsored with the Korean Institute for Advanced Theological Studies) a gathering of seminary-based Asian American Center directors at Fuller Seminary – see list of participants and purpose of the gathering. It was an important first step towards making theological education more relevant to Asian and Pacific North American Christian communities. This event was covered by Connie Kang of the Los Angeles Times.

4. Summer Immersion Program, Los Angeles, July 25-28: “Wow, wow, wow!! That’s all I can say! I can’t stop talking to everyone about the experience we had last week. It’s like I’ve been reintroduced to the REAL Good News!!” “I really think it was a fantastic experience and would recommend this to any Asian American who wants to grow and is open to learning about our communities…It stimulated my faith!” Find out more! Click here.

5. Bay Area Chinese Churches Project: On Jan. 13, over 40 leaders from Chinese churches in San Francisco’s Chinatown participated in the Bay Area Chinese Churches Project consultation at the First Chinese Baptist Church of San Francisco. This event was co-sponsored with the Chinese Christian Union. Oct. 27, over 35 persons participated in the consultation at Sunset Church in San Francisco. These are part of on an on-going follow-up study of Dr. James Chuck’s 1996 study of the Chinese Churches in the Bay Area. The next consultation will be held on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2008 at the Bay Area Chinese Bible Church’s Alameda campus. Find out more at

6. Asian American Women on Leadership (AAWOL): 30 sisters attended AAWOL’s writers feedback meeting on Oct. 26th. AAWOL will produce a resource tool called “The Ying and Yang of Leadership: Biblical Characters According to Asian American Women” AAWOL is now planning a leadership retreat that will utilize the $2,000 grant from Yong Nak Presbyterian Church’s Community Service program. Visit the AAWOL blogsite at

7. ISAAC-Nagel reception at the American Academy of Religion/Socity of Biblical Literature Annual meetings in San Diego, Nov. 17-20. More than 100 joined us! Find out more – click here.

8. Society of Asian North American Christian Studies (SANACS): More than 50 charter members have joined SANACS since it was launched at the AAR/SBL meetings. Help support better and quality research about Christianity among Asian North American communities! Go to

9. Association of Theological Schools Asian and Asian North American Faculty Consultation in Dallas, TX, Dec. 7-9: Fifty faculty gathered to develop a report on effective theological education for Asian and Asian North American seminarians. Find out more! Click here.

10. Growing use of ISAAC’s Bulletin Board and Opportunities blog: Go to ISAAC Opportunities or ISAAC Bulletin Board

We look forward to a new year of exciting possibilities – for ISAAC 2008 activities, go to

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