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Mark Hearn to coordinate SIP and teach course on Asian American Christian Education

ISAAC has appointed Mark Chung Hearn, a 2nd generation Korean American to be the local coordinator of ISAAC’s Summer Immersion Project (SIP) to be held in Los Angeles on July 25-28, 2007.

SIP is a pilot project that provides a deeper understanding of Asian Pacific North American Christianity and its contexts by “immersing” leaders in the church, the academy, and the public into APNA Christian communities. This year’s participants will either help ISAAC design a broader SIP program in 2008 or develop their own APNA immersion program. SIP is an “invitation only” event – for more information, contact Tim Tseng.

Pastor Mark Hearn is a Ph.D. student in Practical Theology (Religious Education emphasis) at Claremont School of Theology. His wife, Jeney, is also a Ph.D. student in Pastoral Care and Counseling at CST. They attend a Korean American United Methodist Church in southern California after having served as co-pastors of a 2nd generation English ministry in south suburban Chicago. In addition to the church and academic settings, Mark has coached women’s collegiate volleyball for over 7 years. His current interests include 2nd generation Korean Americans, Korean American male identity, Transformative and critical pedagogies, and Sports and religious education. Mark and Jeney are expecting their first child in September

Mark is also teaching a course on Asian American Christian Education at the Haggard School of Theology (Graduate School at Azusa Pacific University). Here is a description:

GMIN 628 Seminar in Ministry: Asian American Christian Education
Summer II: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-1pm: Azusa West Campus (June 19-July 26).
Mark Chung Hearn

Course Description

This seminar addresses Christian education in an Asian American context through several disciplines including history and theology. The class will explore how these disciplines can inform Christian education in current Asian American ministries. Emphasis will be placed upon contextualizing one’s learning for the purpose of creating a paradigm of Christian education for his or her context.

IMPORTANT! For non-APU students, you must submit the following:

1. Application for admission as a non-degree seeking student (one page, front and back)

2. Application fee of $45

3. Official or unofficial transcript with proof of cumulative gpa above 2.5, and regionally accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree, or ABHE accredited bachelor’s degree.

4. Class Registration form

For registration information, contact Enrollment Counselor, Andrew Gilbert at (626) 815-4565 (Ph.), (626) 815-4571 (FAX), or agilbert_AT_apu_DOT_edu

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